السلام عليكم

"its a beautiful feeling.."

"such a rush emotion.."

everlasting love.."

i already come back

but this is totally insane!

why i can't just forget


its normal for a teen like us
having someone crush


hahha. i keep on dream to have a ____


after watching healer, i just can't keep this feeling from growth inside my heart.

i'm just wondering

just cool ok

this phase have just begin

but for sure

i dont want to trap like this anymore

you know

its was a big challenging for me as i want to run from this feeling

 after  a while i keep this from fallen with someone
i just dont know

ergh i wanna cry

----i'm so emotional--

but for the youngster, ithink maybe not this time you're going to fall in love

even he is not exist

just in your dream

but for sure

i was hoping  for the reality

that it will come true

being as my bodyguard

who can take care of me

and love

for sure


that is when you're not shame to express your feeling
just like me

that was totally crazy

and nonsense

that's happen when my craziness just begin.

#dear readers, please dont get vomit in front of your laptop etc .