السلام عليكم
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while listening to 'we dont talk anymore'

Oh My God!

Its really suitable for this title

Urmm I suppose you guys should not misunderstood


Its not about couple;or something related

I hope so

Sikit sikit kot yang related


Well, korang tahu tak cara nak lupakan seseorang?

I mean your crush;or whatsoever-love-guy;or first-love

(Serious aku rasa macam gedik gila)

Tapi aku punya macam lain sikit

"Haa macam mana tu?"

Aku pun ada crush jugak

But at the same time I'm always aware of this thing

Because sometimes it will be 'zina hati'

People aren't perfect as well as me

But I'm not gonna to say that I'm the truth

People have their opinion too

Sometimes we make false and fix it

Yeah, what to do when you make the mistakes and you can't recover it?

Fix it

The way you make it; change it

Then how bout the crush?


Yesterday I was so surprised to know that if you interested in someone for about four months, it is called crush

But then, if you still interested he/she after four months it is called fall in love

I was taken aback to know it


OMG, am I was really felt in love with him?


Oh man, come on.

But still I insisted my feelings toward him

Because I should stop likes him

He said;
If you miss someone, put her name in your prayer

And all I just want to say is:

Dear Allah, if he is the one, please allow us to meet one day.
But if he isn't, please stop me loves him anymore

Because you will never know who is your partner, soulmate, husband/wife

And at moment when 'ijab kabul itu sah'
 know that he/she is your partner then

That words I got after watching a vid of marriage( I think) by a famous islamic motivator

She said that and I was quite agree with her.

So, I think this is it

Love to life

Life to be loved



  1. seriuosly? tak tahu pulak lebih 4 bulan means cinta. hahaha. but betul lah, klau jodoh jumpa balik ^^


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