Assalamualaikum and Hi

I was wondering about the tittle that I really need for this writing and after I had done some search with the help of Google, finally the word serenidad seem a bit interesting for me. Its actually  a Spanish's word which means serenity.

And the another reason is; I'm writing this in the morning with my little brother besides me. He's really enjoying his tv series- Upin Ipin- and of course, the sound is quite annoying me. Well, back off to the topic, morning always being describes by some people that the environment is peaceful and very relaxing.

I admit. If you guys have wake up in morning, try to take a breath of fresh air that still not contaminate with pollution and you will find the difference when you're breath in afternoon with the air pollution that still getting worse in our country; not to mention about the hectic schedule we're facing everyday.

I'm dying when my train of thought still whirling in my mind about the jammed, traffic light also some irresponsible people who drove their car. For real, I really gave up with my driving skills. I always think about my bad that influence others driver until I need to go to driving class again!

See, when you're not paying attention to the teacher when in class you're having a trouble, man.

And think of that ( while my eyes on the watch ) I need to hurry up to attend my youngest brother's and sister's Sport Day. Oh I hope, I won't get late!