السلام عليكم

Hey guys!

Almost one week,  I didn't post anything so here I am. Talking about my friends getting an offer from UPU and yeah, I was happy for them.

Since the results was announced, I'm pleased to see my colleges 'mentally & physically' ready to become a student's college.


So, how was I'm doing?

I also got the results likes everyone but I choose to neglected that offer because I already have plan after this.

I was selected to be a student's of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn and yet, I was in dilemma not know what should I choose

My mother really wants me to go to matrics and so, I was agreed because; ya, the course that I've got not really catch my interest ( please correct it if the sentence seems to be wrong)

So, my friends already left me( they will be) and all I can do is pray for them so they can achieve their career, passion one day.

And day by day, we might not contact anymore so, guys; please don't forget me

Well, if you're getting married, don't ever left  your friend( I mean; me) about the wedding cards invitation.

Because I hope I will be there to celebrate your most meaningful moments in your life.

I just hope we still care about our friendship and just be my sidekicks forever till end.

Love you guys; a lot!