Assalamualaikum and Hi

It was quite long time I didn't update this blog. I was actually really busy with my registration, packing things, settle some documents, etc. since I had to go and leave my home just to fulfill
my education and yeah, it was really tiring.

No doubts.

So guys, here I am. I currently further my studies at matriculation. Somewhere else but not in Kelantan. Just like what I had been dreaming to go to somewhere to get some additional experiences besides studies. Since my dreams was to study abroad and I didn't get any opportunities, I will assume my dreams come true. 

But still, that goal-to-achieve is gonna be real and I am looking forward to aim for that to make sure my goals will never end. See, my writing just like ' what-is-she talking-about'

So, guys what is your dream? Feel free to comment and share with me.

Who knows, we might exactly have same dreams, right?

I'm looking forward to know your goals and till we meet next post.

Have a nice day and Happy Eid everyone!